The ACLI was conceived as a “meeting within a meeting” in collaboration with the African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC). In the past, ACLI participants have discussed cancer needs in Africa, core competencies in leadership, translating research into policy, national cancer plans, and interactions with partner organizations. ACLI participants have attended AORTIC scientific sessions, participated in meeting sessions designed specifically for the ACLI, as well as meeting with mentors individually. The long-term goal is to provide an intellectually stimulating platform for Emerging Global Cancer Research leaders from Africa and the US to receive mentorship and build a network to support innovative cancer research in Africa. The ACLI will form the basis of an African network for emerging leaders in cancer research in Africa, which itself will have annual goals and objectives set by a Steering Committee.

Overall Goal: The overall objective is to foster the development of the next generation of leaders in cancer research and practice in Africa, who can also serve in leadership roles within AORTIC. As the leading Cancer Organization in Africa, AORTIC has developed the platform to support interdisciplinary and inter-professional training to improve the quality of patient-centered cancer care in Africa.

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