AORTIC African Cancer Leaders Institute (ACLI)


The goal of the AORTIC African Cancer Leaders Institute (ACLI) is to develop the next generation of leaders in cancer care, research, education, and advocacy in Africa. The ACLI supports and continues the 9th AORTIC conference theme of “Bridging the Gaps Between Science and Humanity”.

The ACLI will develop activities for individuals who commit to provide leadership in cancer for Africa. The ACLI will commission workshops, satellite meetings, exchanges, and other activities to compliment the professional competencies of ACLI participants.

Examples of appropriate leadership skills to be developed include:

  • Developing sustainable clinical practice, research and training initiatives, including funding mechanisms;
  • Advocacy skills for collaboration with cancer researchers, patients, policy makers, Ministries of Health and other governmental bodies, and the public;
  • Relationship management and development of partnerships with academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Conflict management;
  • Management of gender and ethnicity issues;
  • Media relations and communication development and campaign management to improve understanding of cancer among the African public, policy makers, and others;
  • Organizational management skills such as professional groups or cancer associations.

The ACLI was conceived as a “meeting within a meeting” and took place at the biennial AORTIC meeting. ACLI participants attended the regular AORTIC scientific sessions, but also participated in meeting sessions designed specifically for the ACLI, as well as meeting with mentors individually.

Following the start-up meeting, participants are expected to maintain contact with their mentors and other individuals on a regular basis, and report on activities they have engaged in as a result of their participation.

Goals and objectives for these activities are to be set and agreed in a kick-off session with their assigned mentor. The ACLI will form the basis of an African leadership network for cancer control in Africa, which itself will have annual goals and objectives set by the Executive committee of AORTIC.

Application and Selection Process

Solicitation will go to all AORTIC members. Applicants are selected by a committee appointed by the AORTIC Council based on their potential to develop as leaders in healthcare, research, community outreach, advocacy, governmental liaison, or other critical areas of need for cancer in Africa.

Potential to take on a future leadership role in AORTIC was a major criterion for selection. Applicants must be current residents of an African country.