African Basic Science Interest Group

This SIG brings African researchers together to study African Cancers in Africa. Thereby, build capacity for cancer research in Africa to identify the unique biology of African cancers to prevent and improve outcomes for African cancers.


The basic cancer research interest group aims to understand African cancer’s fundamental biology and generates and tests new ideas, principles, and theories about the disease that affects indigenous Africans. The group intends to bring all African scientists together to know each other and collaborate to address pressing questions, needs, and resources concerning cancer research in Africa.


The mission of the basic cancer research group is to lead and support basic cancer research in Africa to advance Afrocentric basic cancer research to understand the African tumor biology and the effect of the environment and socio-economic impact on the disease.

Goals and Strategy

The goals are

  1. To create a platform for African researchers to network and collaborate to share expertise and find solutions.
  2. Integrate institutional, national, and regional level data to begin to understand the biology of African cancers on a continental scale.
  3. Form collaborations among researchers with similar interests to apply for grants to enhance their research.
  4. Train researchers on grantsmanship, publication writing, research ethics, etc.