AORTIC Virtual Education and Training Symposium

Theme; “Local training of the oncology workforce: road to sustainable cancer care delivery”.

The symposium brought together 99 participants. At the symposium, the preliminary results of the AORTIC education and training committee mapping of oncology programs in Africa was presented.

The symposium involved presentations of education activities across various disciplines vital to cancer care, including surgical oncology, oncology nursing, radiation therapy, oncology pharmacy, medical physics, palliative care and psycho-oncology.

Engaging panel discussions involving trainees and faculty titled Surviving and Thriving in Training and The Joys & Perils of Teaching respectively, with discussions from across the continent were some of the highlights of the symposium.

We would like to say thank you to all those who participated in the Best of ASCO Africa and the Education and Training Symposium.

AORTIC Inaugural Cancer Education and Training Workshop:

19 to 21 October 2016

Venue: National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria.

Planning Committee:

Obigail Nnodu (Chair)

Ramatu Hassan (Co-Chair)

Chibuike Chigbu

Adenike Onibokun

Kwanele Asante-Shongwe

Clement Gwede

Folake Odedina

Skye Wilson

Belmira Rodrigues

The AORTIC Inaugural Cancer Education and Training Workshop took place from 19 to 21 October 2016 at the National Trauma Centre in Abuja, Nigeria.

The workshop titled “Cancer Control, Training and Research: Capacity Building for the 21st Century” was aimed at providing a high quality, cross-cutting, cancer education and training program.

This 3-day workshop focused on the basics of cancer and cancer care and covered the following 5 cross-cutting themes:

  1. Cancer Control and Care Continuum
  2. Cancer Diagnosis
  3. Cancer therapies
  4. Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer
  5. Systems Approach to Effective Cancer Control

A Pre-conference workshop focused on Basics of Cancer Prevention and Cancer Care was held on the 19th of October. The Opening Ceremony was held at the Reiz Continental Hotel on the evening of the pre-conference workshop day and the Honourable Minister of Health for Nigeria, Professor Isaac Adewole, who is an AORTIC Past President, delivered the keynote address on Effective Partnerships.

This event was attended by dignitaries and representatives from the Ministry of Health and participants had the opportunity to interact with the Honourable Minister of Health.

The multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary audience who attended the 3 day workshop included cancer clinicians, researchers, advocates, survivors, care givers, students, health care personnel providing primary care services as well as policy makers and media persons across Africa.

Outstanding local and international speakers who are established in their respective fields were accessible and interacted with the participants before, during and after the workshop.

The AORTIC Education & Training Virtual Platform was launched on the 20th of October 2016. Participants were very enthusiastic and turned up in their numbers to attend the Grand Opening of the virtual platform which will be accessible to the public until 31 December 2016 and thereafter restricted to AORTIC members only.

The workshop was a resounding success with a total attendance of 173 participants

All participants were issued attendance certificates whilst doctors who participated also received 10 CME points certification.

This workshop highlighted that African health professionals are interested in learning about cancer.