Palliative Care


Improving the quality of palliative care delivery in Africa through collaboration, training and research.</strong

Goals and Strategy

  1. To bring together individuals within AORTIC who are interested in or working in Palliative care in the region, through communications and discussions.
  2. To strengthen collaboration with oncology by encouraging PH approach to cancer relief in each country so that the need for PC is recognised for the large % of population, who never reach curative treatment
  3. To ensure that African palliative care is promoted that is adaptable to the different cultures and economies of each country
  4. To identify potential collaborations to strengthen PC through AORTIC
  5. To review education and training opportunities for members
  6. To share ideas and best practices
  7. To deliver a PC workshop at the AORTIC conferences and ensure that palliative care is represented through at least one plenary, at each conference
  8. To identify regional/national centres where individuals can go for placements to strengthen their palliative care experience and to promote training opportunities
  9. To identify areas of international collaboration
  10. Seek grants for multi-national research into palliative care for evidence-based decision making
  11. Share experience in the control of opioid medicines, psychotropic substances and precursors (controlled medicines)
  12. Share experience in the estimation and quantification f controlled medicines
  13. Provide the platform and support member states in making opioid medicines more accessible and affordable to vulnerable clients in moderate to severe pain

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