Position: President Elect

Cesaltina Lorenzoni
I am pathologist, Head of the National Cancer Control Program at the Mozambican Ministry of Health and Scientific and Teaching Director at Maputo Central Hospital, a Professor at Eduardo Mondlane University, have a Master’s Degree in Cancer Epidemiology and hold a PhD in International Health from the University of Barcelona.
I have published more than 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals, authored chapters in two books published by AFCRN, IARC, WHO and UICC and served as principal investigator on research projects in national and international institutions.
I am Chair of the Education and Training Committee of AORTIC, member of Clinical SIG and was representative of PALOP.
I am a member of the ScientificReview Committee for AACR-AORTIC-NCI (BIG Cat).
In 2022 I received the ‘Community Advancement in Resource-Limited Settings’ award from the International Gynecologic Cancer Society in USA.
I served as the President of the Association of Cancer of Mozambique for nine years.
Currently, I am PI of these research projects:
Records of population-based cancer registries in Mozambique
Project ECHO as a tool to assist providers in cancer services through telementoring
Prevention of cervical cancer through the development and use of low cost and point of care testing for detection of HPV and development of new technologies;
A Training Program for Obstetrics & Gynecology Residents in the diagnosis and management of women with pre-invasive cervical disease.
Treatment of women living with HIV: Comparison of LEEP vs Thermal ablation in treating women with high grade cervical lesions.

I have taken the time to learn and grow career-wise from the beginning of my career. Moreover in the last years I played important roles in AORTIC, promoting activities globally.
I have many partnerships that could promote best practices in cancer control, care, education, training and research that beneficiates low-resource setting.