Position: Vice President – Nursing

Beatrice Ohaeri
I am an Associate Professor of Nursing, current VP- Nursing , AORTIC, and immediate past HOD, Nursing, University of Ibadan. My professional journey has been dedicated towards, actively promoting inclusivity and diversity in cancer research.
My research expertise is rooted in psycho-oncology and women’s health, focusing on understanding the complex interplay of psychological and emotional aspects in the context of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. I am deeply committed to shedding light on the unique challenges faced by women and minority populations in accessing quality cancer care, aiming to improve outcomes and enhance their overall well-being.
I am equally actively involved in mentoring students and Faculty , providing guidance and resources to help them navigate the research landscape, and enhancing diversity of perspectives within the field of nursing and cancer research I also work on interdisciplinary research projects that address health disparities and access to cancer care for marginalized communities.
My current efforts involve active collaborating with organizations that promote diversity and inclusion in cancer research ( ASCO, ISCNN, AFREHEALTH, and IPOS). These global initiatives promote minority representation and inclusivity in cancer research.
By combining my research expertise with my passion for equity in healthcare, I am dedicated to making a lasting impact on both the scientific community and the lives of individuals affected by cancer. My goal is to contribute to a more inclusive and effective approach to cancer research, where everyone, regardless of their background, can benefit from the latest advancements in the fight against this devastating disease.

I’m an ideal candidate for AORTIC Council, Vice President-Nursing. With extensive experience in oncology nursing, leadership and a commitment to advancing diversity in research, I aim to bolster AORTIC’s programs. I’ll work tirelessly to promote inclusivity, support minority representation, and foster collaborative initiatives for a more equitable future in cancer research.