Aims and Objectives: 


–     Develop and improve national screening guidelines for Cancers such as breast, colon, prostate and cervical cancers, as well as advice when necessary, Governments in Africa on appropriate cancer screening programs

–     Promote screening guidelines through advocacy programs that are relevant in Africa.

–   Provide and ensure adherence to relevant imaging guidelines for cancer diagnosis and care in Africa


–   To promote accurate imaging diagnosis and follow up using established international guidelines.

– To advocate for affordable treatment for cancers that are amenable to radiologic intervention

–     Promote coordinated Multidisciplinary research in Radio-oncology


–   Seek funding for relevant imaging specialists with interest in Oncological imaging

–    Promote the training of Radiologists in low resource settings; thereby enhancing optimal imaging and accurate diagnosis

–     Organize regular training programs and workshops in Oncological imaging

–   Partner with international Radiologists who work in Africa

–      Encourage more Radiologists to become members of AORTIC and also to join the SIG

–      Provide mentorship & support for Radiologist trainees and early career Radiologists


–    Establish a dynamic, professional networking forum for African Radiologists to address challenges & obstacles of the Specialty in the Continent.

–     Collaborate with existing Radiological Societies interested in Oncology to facilitate the implementation of appropriate and proper imaging Cancer Research.

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