Position: Secretary General Elect

Naomi Oyoe Ohene Oti
Naomi Oyoe Ohene Oti has dedicated over two decades to oncology research, with a particular focus on breast care, clinical trial coordination, and cancer registration. With a robust educational foundation, including training from the Cross Cancer Institute in Alberta, Canada, and a master’s in public health, her expertise places her at the forefront of oncological advancements globally.
Her research interests are multifaceted, encompassing psych-oncology, symptom management, and survivorship. A distinct attribute of her work is the attention to marginalized communities, ensuring that cancer research is inclusive and representative. As the Registry Manager of the Accra Cancer Registry, Naomi has extensively documented cancer trends in Ghana, providing invaluable data to guide research and treatment protocols tailored to the African context.
Naomi’s commitment to minorities is further illustrated by her participation in several pivotal initiatives. Notably, her role as the ISNCC Regional Ambassador for Africa and a member of the African Cancer Coalition emphasizes her determination to bridge gaps in cancer care and research across the continent.
Within AORTIC, her involvement has been profound. Serving as an executive council member in the capacity of Vice President for Nursing for two consecutive terms, she actively contributed to the organization’s direction and decision-making processes. Her participation in AORTIC’s Education and Training Committee and as Chair of the Special Interest Group in Nursing Oncology underscores her relentless pursuit of excellence in cancer care in Africa and her ambition to position AORTIC as a beacon of hope for those battling cancer, especially the underserved.

Dedicated to enhancing oncology in Africa, my expertise in cancer care and active advocacy for minority research positions me uniquely for AORTIC’s mission. I aim to bolster AORTIC’s programs, drive policy leadership, standardize care, and uplift the voice and research contributions of marginalized communities in the oncology landscape.

Manjuh Florence
Manjuh Florence, holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Sciences from the University of Buea, Cameroon, has worked with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) for 15 years. She serves as the supervisor for the Women’s Health Program (WHP). The WHP is one of Cameroon’s most prominent cervical cancer screening/prevention programs and does breast cancer early detection simultaneously for all women seen for cervical cancer screening. She is a 2019/2020 Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Young Leader and a 2019 UICC fellow. She is a very passionate nurse who ceaselessly works to see that the capacity of the WHP nurses and others working in cancer care in her community is updated. She is the focal point for the Project ECHO cervical cancer Cameroon project and the Vice President for the Africa Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) for the Central Africa subregion. She desires to lead teams to eliminate cervical cancer through vaccination and screening, raise awareness of breast and other cancers, and for women to take action for cancer detection to reduce this tremendous burden of breast and cervical cancer in Cameroon. Her research interests are in Public Health Research, where she hopes to use evidence-based research to improve the quality of life for many in her community, Cameroon, Central Africa Region and Africa at large and advocacy.

As the Supervisor of a cancer prevention Program and vice president for AORTIC for Central Africa for the past two years, I understand the dynamics of the Organization. With my ability to manage diverse teams with good professional communication skills, friendly and well organised and able to meet deadlines, I am ready to serve as the Secretary-General Elect.

Mutiu Alani Jimoh
Dr Jimoh Mutiu Alani graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State, Nigeria where he received his first degree in Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.CH. B). He joined the University College Hospital Ibadan for his Post-graduate training and completed his residency training in Radiation/Clinical Oncology. He is a Member of the America Society for Clinical Oncology and he is Board certified in Clinical/Radiation Oncology by the West Africa College of Surgeons.
He has special interests in the treatment of Head, Neck, Breast, Peadiatric, Gastrointestinal & Gynaecological oncology sub-specialties. He proceeded to University of Ibadan to obtain master of Science (M.Sc.) Chemical Pathology and various professional certificates, including certificates in Leadership and management in health, project management in health and implementation science in health all at University of Washington, United State. He is a member of the National Postgraduate Medical College, a Board member faculty of Radiology by the West Africa College of Surgeons, Association of Radiologists of West African and African Organization of Research and Training.
He is currently studying for a PhD in cancer immunology.
He currently practices as a Consultant Clinical/Radiation Oncologist and senior Lecturer at University College Hospital, Ibadan and University of Ibadan.
He has a zeal for research and is widely published in various international and local journals. From 2019 till date, he was a pioneer principal investigator of the Gene Expression Profiling of Non-Communicable Diseases in Nigeria. (54 Gene Heritage Study Grant. 2019).

We all have dreams, but in leadership, the team IS the dream.
I have the experience, an openness to criticism and improvement, and a working team-spirt. The impact we can make in cancer care is greater if the whole team moves as one: “One AORTIC embolus”. That is my goal.