Strategic Plan

1. Establish the AORTIC Virtual Education & Training Program.

2. Implement Centres of Excellence in Cancer Education & Training that addresses all areas of cancer control continuum

  • Middle East and North Africa
  • East Africa
  • South Africa
  • West Africa
  • Central Africa

3. Improve human capacity building and workforce diversity through the education and training of multidisciplinary specialists and diverse professionals including community health extension workers for the prevention surveillance, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer

4. Develop curriculum for specialty training, certificate courses and postgraduate training program

  • Develop workshops and modules to train laboratory physicians and radiologists in molecular diagnosis and imaging
  • Develop workshops and modules to train haematologists, pharmacists and clinical oncologists on drug use and guidelines
  • Develop diploma and postgraduate oncology nursing programs to establish /enhance contribution of this professional group to cancer management and control in the region. workshops and modules to train nurses in oncology
  • Develop workshops and modules to train in psycho-oncology
  • Develop innovation in inter professional cancer education in collaboration with African universities.
  • Develop workshops and modules in bio-ethics, health economics, and health law. Suggested topics:
    • Promoting the notion of respect for persons in the African healthcare setting (patient autonomy, etc.)
    • Decreasing the global cancer divide (80 versus 5% prevention & control resource split)
    • Conducting ethical bio-medical in Africa, for equitable research funding to study the so-called “diseases of the developing world”
    • Access to affordable and safe essential medicines – Analgesics and primary cancer drugs

5. Partner with international and continental organizations to organize regional meetings.

6. Provide opportunities for educating and training non-health professionals about cancer prevention and control, including the media/journalists, artists, social scientists, educators, agriculture professionals, nutritionists, advocates, survivors, physical education professionals etc.