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Strategic Plan

Africa Cancer Research Alliance

Guiding Principles

The mission of the AORTIC Africa Cancer Research Alliance (ACRA) is to facilitate cancer research in Africa.

This research should be:

  • Impactful: Able to inform science and clinical practice globally.
  • Able to inform public health and policy needs locally.
  • Sustainable: Led by local researchers involved in global collaborative teams.

The goal of the ACRA is to develop the expertise, resources, and infrastructure that can lead to impactful investigator-initiated cancer research in Africa.

The ACRA will:

  • Share and develop research methods and technology that are optimally suited for research in Africa.
  • Create partnerships among institutions and investigators who can undertake collaborative research.
  • Facilitate research projects that will impact our understanding of cancer worldwide and impact clinical service and public health in Africa.
  • Improve research infrastructure in Africa.
  • Establish a trained African research workforce.
  • Generate data that impact on the health of populations worldwide.

Role of AORTIC

The AORTIC Research Committee (ARC) will serve as the organizing and oversight entity for the ACRA. ARC members will be appointed by the AORTIC Council. The ARC will coordinate communication among Hubs, Spokes, Twinning Centers, and Partners. AORTIC will also coordinate research-focused meetings and workshops alone or with other Partners.

AORTIC will:

  • Identify stakeholder organizations that can facilitate the formation of this Alliance and contribute to specific ACRA goals. For example:
    • AACR: Sponsor research meetings and workshops;
    • GO: Contribute to maps of African cancer research projects;
    • IARC: Coordinate biobanking capabilities via BCNet; Tumor registry activities and training;
    • NCI: Coordinate cancer funding, research resource, research expertise and training activities.
  • Hold a “Think Tank” to prioritize needs and actions, and establish concrete steps that will forward the mission of the ACRA, possibly in collaboration with AACR, NCI, and others.
  • Develop resources (methods, technologies, protocols, facilities, etc.) available to African cancer investigators. As above, these may include pathology, laboratory capabilities, biobanking, and others.
  • Establish demonstration projects that will test the ACRA approach.