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Research Committee Members

2018 & 2019


Olufemi Ogunbiyi

Olufemi Ogunbiyi
Ibadan, Nigeria

Olufemi Ogunbiyi

Timothy Rebbeck
Boston, USA

Steering Committee members:

Miriam Mutebi
Nairobi, Kenya

Oseremen Aisuodionoe-Shadrach
Abuja, Nigeria

Diakite Brehima
Bamako, Mali

Michael Mwatsuma Mwachiro
Nairobi, Kenya

Mohamed Jalloh
Dakar, Senegal

Lúcio Lara Santos
Porto, Portugal

Chioma Asuzu
Ibadan, Nigeria

Sakina Eltom
Nashville, USA


Reducing the burden of cancer in African populations requires that we apply current available scientific knowledge in treating, screening, and preventing cancers. Scientific research and new intervention strategies will be required to determine how best to intervene in low-resource countries and communities. Results from African-based studies will have broad public health and policy implications for African people.

Adequate numbers of trained oncologists and other health care professionals, oncology nurses, radiotherapists, pathologists and technical staff are critical members of the health care team and are needed to help within-country efforts to develop effective cancer control programs. Continuing medical education training for health care workers and public health information and dissemination programs will be required.

Strategies are needed in the health system workforce to reverse the “brain-drain” of health care professionals, scientists, and technical support workers from Africa to developed countries.

The initial focus of research will be on cancers outlined in AORTIC’s strategic plan. An evaluation program will be put into place to ascertain the level and degree to which specific goals and objectives are accomplished. Collaborations with African-based and international organizations, NGOs and businesses will be central to the success of these efforts and will be pursued.